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picspam; casting final fantasy vii.

made for picspammy challenge #19 - second chance (casting)

the hero and the villain;

cloud strife;
casting choice: chris evans

cloud was the toughest to cast. it was hard finding somebody with the coldness cloud has and the boyish goofiness as well. i decided on chris because he inhabits both those traits. the whole story revolves around him and i think he'd be a great leading man. the only problem i have is that he's a little too old to play cloud in the ff7 realm (cloud is supposed to be 21; chris is 28).

alex pettyfor: age wise i should've chose him. i was just so stuck on odette yustman playing tifa...alex would've looked too young compared to her.
chris hemsworth: a little too muscular to play cloud. also i couldn't find enough pictures of him. :S

casting choice: ian somerhalder

i don't think people realize how young sephiroth is. according to final fantasy wiki, he's about 30 during the ff7 time-frame. for some reason i always thought him about 40. i chose ian to play sephiroth because he's the right age and has the ability to be emotionless, scary,, all at the same time. plus, i've always been attracted to sephiroth and ian has been on my crush list for forever so it works.

johnny depp: when i think sephiroth my mind automatically goes to johnny. but alas, he's too old.

team avalanche;
tifa lockhart;
casting choice: odette yustman

again, a little old to play tifa, but when i got it in my head that odette was tifa, she stuck. i couldn't get her out, she's the perfect tifa. she has the face, the body, the fitness, the strength, the innocence...i could go on. i pretty much cast cloud and aeris around odette because i refused to let her go.

megan fox: megan would probably be great at kicking ass, but i haven't seen a lot of the maternal side of her and that's really important to tifa's character - that she's so motherly.
camilla belle: if i settled for alex pettyfor, she'd be my tifa for sure.

barret wallace;
casting choice: quinton 'rampage' jackson

this was a suggestion from my brother. we dont' know how well he acts, but he's the right age and looks the part.

michael clarke duncan: just too old. he would've been outstanding though.

aeris gainsborough;
casting choice: emmy rossum

give her some green contacts and she's aeris (or aerith) to a t. problem is, i like emmy and always hated aeris (please don't stone me fandom!).

jenna dewan: has the innocent big-eyed look to her, but i couldn't find the right picture so i picked emmy.

vincent valentine;
casting choice: ben barnes

vincent is like that guy all the girl-gamers swoon for - tall, dark, and mysterious. ben barnes is just the same and he also has that sort of sadness in his eyes that vincent has, which is so unique and vital to vincent's being.

cid highwind;
casting choice: bradley cooper

cid is like the coolest character ever and for him i needed someone gruff, rugged, sarcastic, and hilarious. i know people will think that bradley is too pretty to play cid, but i think he'd do great as a cigarette-smoking, spear-wielding, dirty-mouthed pilot.

adam baldwin: if you've seen chuck, you'll know why he's 1st runner-up. john casey is basically a more put together cid.
bruce willis: when i was little i used to picture cid as bruce, but cid's supposed to be 32 and bruce is way past that now.
mickey rourke: again, too old. but goodness, he would've been freaking priceless as cid.

yuffie kisaragi;
casting choice: kaya scodelario

i know, kaya's not japanese, but i don't know any young japanese actresses so kaya's my pick. i mean, at least she has an exotic look to her right? she'd be a great yuffie, because she's so playful and funny with a little mischief added in.

ellen page: would've been funny as hell, but too old.

red xiii;
voice casting choice: morgan freeman

red xiii, even though his grandfather says he's young, always sounds so wise and knowledgeable to me. i needed a voice that portrayed that kind of trait, and well, morgan did play GOD.

liam neeson: another very distinctive voice. he would probably do just as well as morgan.

cait sith;
voice casting choice: justin long

cait sith is annoying to me and i always imagined him with a very goofy voice. i LOVE justin long, but he is quite silly sounding sometimes. maybe, hopefully, he can make cait sith likeable?

marlene wallace;
casting choice: bailee madison

marlene is like the honorary AVALANCHE member. i picked bailee because she is sooo darn cute and her scenes with barret (quinton) would be adorable.

zack fair;
casting choice: jared padalecki

i should move him down with the shinra company, but nah, i think i'll just keep him with AVALANCHE. i almost didn't include zack, but he's so awesome i had to. zack is like the all-around great guy. he can do everything but still stays humble. jared is sort of like that, he can do anything but is still approachable and kind.

rufus and the turks;

rufus shinra;
casting choice: chace crawford

just look at him in that picture! my goodness, i would've thought he was taking promotional photos for the movie as rufus! lol. seriously though, chace can be a prick when he wants to (i love chace but nate is just too much sometimes) just like that cocky-ass rufus. we just need to make his hair blonder.

casting choice: leonardo nam

tseng is an all-business type of guy. in the films i've seen leonardo in he's always a bit silly but i think he can pull off the hardness if need be.

casting choice: jackson rathbone

slap a red ponytail on him and call him reno! jackson's lanky just like reno, and i'm sure he can play the laid-back skilled fighter very well.

casting choice: jason statham

bald and brawny = rude and jason. i think jason and jackson would be great partners with interesting chemistry. also, i'd love to see the dynamic between jason and odette since rude has a soft spot for tifa (who doesn't?).

casting choice: amanda seyfried

not really an elena fan, but i like amanda, so why not?

katie cassidy: no real reason i didn't choose her. i guess amanda just got lucky.
amber heard: again, same thing.

shinra company;
casting choice: portia de rossi

portia is just a scary as scarlet is, in my opinion. gorgeous, but flippin' scary.

sharon stone: too obvious a choice.

professor hojo;
casting choice: cary-hiroyuki tagawa

i've loved him ever since i saw him in mortal kombat over 15 years ago. he can be that creepy character that makes us cringe whenever we see him onscreen but we still can't look away.

johnny depp: if i couldn't have johnny be sephiroth or vincent, i was gonna make him hojo. but, i'm guessing hojo is japanese, so it didn't quite work out.
crispin glover: also not asian.

reeve tuesti;
casting choice: rick yune

don't really know why i picked him. he fits though.

casting choice: richard riehle

i think richard would have played a better palmer, but i was too lazy to go looking around for a real heidegger, so i just put richard there. he'd be good though and probably have the "gya ha ha" laugh down pat.

the mother;
casting choice: tilda swinton

oh come on, who else could've played jenova?! tilda is fantastically frightening and there is NO better option than her.

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