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the history books forgot about us.

and the bible didn't mention us. not even once.

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Thespians Musicians
Natalie Portman. Gabrielle Christian. Leighton Meester. Henry Cavill. Sophia Bush. Jordana Brewster. Josh Duhamel. Chris Evans. Ian Somerhalder. Hayden Christensen. Jake Gyllenhaal. James Franco. Shia LeBeouf. Lena Headey. Piper Perabo. Jessica Alba. Johnny Depp. Jude Law. Kate Beckinsale. Kate Winslet. Keira Knightley. Orlando Bloom. Megan Fox. Tom Welling. Minka Kelly. Elizabeth Hendrickson. The Fray. Danity Kane. Justin Timberlake. Frou Frou. Damien Rice. Coldplay. Death Cab for Cutie. Snow Patrol. Imogene Heap. The Killers. Panic! At the Disco. All-American Rejects. Nickelback. Bell X1. The Hush Sound. Christina Aguilera. Weezer. Dashboard Confessional. Augustana. Sufjan Stevens. John Mayer. Sugarcult. The Spill Canvas. James Morrison. John Ralston. Colbie Caillat. The Midway State. Alicia Keys. Brightwood.
Big Screen Little Screen
Leon: The Professional. Moulin Rouge. Closer. Pirates of the Caribbean. Star Wars. Titanic. Crash. Down to You. She's All That. The Wedding Singer. Parent Trap. A Walk to Remember. The Notebook. Imagine Me and You. Friends. South of Nowhere. Gossip Girl. Making the Band 3. America's Next Top Model. One Tree Hill. Roswell. Deal or No Deal. Heroes. Grey's Anatomy. Lost. 30 Minute Meals. Private Practice. Friday Night Lights.
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